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We are experts in digital marketing who use the latest digital tools to grow your business.

Jim Bain

Founder, Web Developer

Jim founded Flying Dog Media, a Charlottesville, VA web design and digital marketing company with a passion for helping organizations leverage the Internet. A graduate of the University of Virginia School of Engineering, Jim has thirty years of experience in information technology and Internet consulting. Jim is a board member of the Charlottesville Business Innovation Council and their chief technology architect and website builder. Jim enjoys helping start-ups find solutions for their technical challenges.

Sophia Bain


Sophia is a creative manager and designer with 5+ years of freelance photography experience. After graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of the Arts with a B.A. in fashion merchandising, she decided to merge her business-centric background with her creative passion. Now, Sophia lends her artistic eye and penchant for storytelling to the development of authentic digital experiences and impactful brand design.

In addition to collaborating with her Dad as Flying Dog Media’s lead designer, Sophia fulfills her role as the creative manager of Spirit of 608, a Charlottesville-based PR and Media Strategy agency for brands at the intersection of fashion, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and technology. 

You can find more about Sophia and her work on her website. She’s also on Linkedin and always available by email. 

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