One of the most common complaints I hear from business owners is that they are not getting traffic from their website despite investing thousands of dollars with a “professional” web company.  

My response is usually two fold.  “Are there any analytics to show the amount of traffic to your site and where is the traffic coming from?”  My second response is “who wrote the web copy?”

Unlike print copy, writing for the web requires resisting the temptation to write “fluff.” Those searching the web are looking for answers to questions and want value and Google search algorithm rewards those with relevant, informative and current content.

The most successful websites include useful content, such as articles or “blogs” that provide the reader information and a reason to come back to the website.

The way the Web works is very different from print and the content of your website needs to reflect that.

Keep Individual Page Content Short

The Web is not a good place to write a novel.  Keep the content short. The shorter it is, the more likely your readers will read it.  Lists can also be effective web content.  If you have technical information consider an infographic as opposed to a full page of copy or add a blog on the topic to your website.

Write SEO-friendly Content

Google is watching. If you haven’t yet heard about SEO (search engine optimization) yet, is important to note that an SEO content friendly site will rank higher online than one that is not. WThus, when writing copy for your website, it is important to include keywords and phrases in your content. You need to use the phrase enough so that it's recognized as the topic but not so much that your readers notice.

Video and Audio

Internet marketing is also known as digital marketing is constantly evolving.  One of the latest trends is to incorporate video and audio on websites.  If you plan to do this, consult a web specialist as there are some technical issues you should know before investing your time and money into adding a video or audio to your site.

Rule Are Meant To Be Broken

All of these rules can be broken. Know your audience and know why you're breaking the rule before you do so.  Don’t be afraid to show your personality in your writing, just keep in mind the audience you are trying to serve.