No-code Changing the Cost of Web Development

Over the past couple of years, the rise of the no-code movement has started to change the landscape of web and app development. The no-code movement has also been called low code or visual development. No-code allows users to drag-and-drop application components, connect them, and create a mobile or web app. Using this software, staff can design and build robust applications that can scale for any organization—without writing any code. Users don’t need to understand code to create an app, and therein lies its power. 

Saving time and money are two crucial benefits of no-code. Co-founder of Tiny product studio and investment fund Andrew Wilkinson recently tweeted: “I used to spend $25k-$100k building an app over 3-6 months. It was frustrating, expensive, and slow. Then I started using No-code tools like Softr, Zapier, and Airtable. Suddenly, I built my web app idea in days instead of months, at a fraction of the cost. Craziest of all, I could tweak and maintain it myself instead of hiring expensive devs”. He likens traditional coding to using a bulldozer: great to use when you need to build something sizeable and commercial grade. He compares ‘no-code’ to using a pickup truck: powerful enough to help you get most simple and intermediate projects done. 

No-code animation

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