One of the most common complaints I hear from business owners is that they are not getting traffic from their website despite investing thousands of dollars with a “professional” web company.  

My response is usually two fold.  “Are there any analytics to show the amount of traffic to your site and where is the traffic coming from?”  My second response is “who wrote the web copy?”

The Joomla organization selects the Focused Ultrasound Foundation website for their showcase. Flying Dog Media serves as a Joomla consultant, website host, and webmaster for

Flying Dog Media founder,  Jim Bain passed the Joomla Administrator's certification exam. Only 10% pass the Joomla certification exam. There are currently only eight certified Joomla Administrators in the United States and only two in the state of Virginia. Congratulations, Jim!

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Flying Dog Media is proud to sponsor JoomlaDay Florida February 25th and 26th 2017. Look forward to meeting new members of the Joomla community.

Grand Classroom's website redesign focused on make the site more mobile friendly. Flying Dog Media once again teamed up with Tech Dynamism on this redesign.


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